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Live updates: Super Rugby Trans-Tasman - Brumbies v Hurricanes at Canberra

Hurricanes fullback Jordie Barrett missed two potentially game-winning penalties in the dying seconds.

Dane Coles scores for the Hurricanes. Credits: Image - Photosport, video - Newshub

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Hurricanes 10 Brumbies 12

Hurricanes - Coles try; Barrett conversion & penalty

Brumbies - R Lonergan & Ikitau tryies; Lolesio conversion

Second half

40th minute +1 - Barrett misses again! That's his third miss in the second half and the Brumbies hang on for victory.

That result will likely cost the Hurricanes a shot at the final.

40th minute - White darts beyond his 22, but the Hurricanes win another penalty and Barrett has another chance from near the sideline.

39th minute - Barrett hooks his kick, which drifts left.

The Brumbies dropout is charged down and they're pinned on their 22 with time ticking down.

38th minute - Williams awards a Hurricanes penalty on halfway and Barrett will tee this up to win the game.

37th minute - Hurricanes steal the lineout throw and have another chance here. They pout into the Brumbies half...

35th minute - Brumbies win another scrum penalty and they can clear.

33rd minute - Julian Savea bursts upfield and Ardie Savea takes it further. Hurricanes win a penalty and take quick tap, and Fidow glides through the defence to score.

Replays show Ardie knocked on - scrum to Brumbies. Huge moment.

32nd minute - Hurricanes win the lineout, but it's untidy and Riccitellis has to dive on the loose ball. He's penalised for not releasing.

31st minute - Hurricanes win the lineout and win a penalty in the maul. Barrett kicks to touch for an attacking lineout.

30th minute - Brumbies launching from their own half, but Valetini's pass goes behind his man and into touch.

29th minute - This time, the Brumbies are penalised and the Hurricanes can clear, buit Riccitelli's throw is long and stolen.

28th minute - Brumbies throw to an attacking lineout on the 22, but it's not straight. Hurricanes scrum on their 22.

26th minute - Scrum collapses again, but Barrett's clearing kick is charged down by Kuenzle. Hurricanes eventually clear, but only as far as their 10m, where they're penalised.

25th minute - Brumbies launch from a lineout win in the Hurricanes half, but the Canes win a turnover and a scrum.

24th minute - Brumbies get a scrum penalty this time, as Fidow struggles to stay up in the front row.

23rd minute - Brumbies with a scrum free kick and call for another scrum. The game has stalled here for a couple of minutes.

21st minute - Hurricanes lineout and they spread the ball into centrefield. Fidow drifts a forward pass to Rayasi.

20th minute - Brumbies win a lineout on their line and seek to clear. White kicks to outside the 22.

19th minute - Barrett turns down the shot at goal and kicks to the corner. Coles throws to the lineout, but the Brumbies drive the maul into touch.

18th minute - Hurricanes struggling to control the ball and losing ground. Eventually they win a penalty...

17th minute - Big Brumbies scrum in midfield, but Hurricanes kick upfield.

16th minute - Brumbies put a kick down field, but Barrett defuses the situation and clears. Hansen knocks on.

15th minute - Hurricanes put up a high kick, but Kuenzle spills it forward. Hurricanes scrum in midfield.

14th minute - Brumbies steal a lineout and roll upfield. White kicks hight, Barrett catches and is smashed by Valetini.

12th minute - Try to Ikitau

Playing under advatnage, Nic White throws a subtle backwards flick pass to his centre, who bounces off a couple of defenders on the way to the line. Whites conversion is wide right, Brumbies 12-10

11th minute - Brumbies win an attacking lineout and Hansen threatens in midfield.

10th minute - Barrett chips over the top and Banks returns with menace. The Brumbies mount an attack.

Kuenzle makes a break and is dragged down by Numia. The ball is kicked acrossfield, but beats everyone to touch.

Ninth minute - Hurricanes steal a lineout throw and build from their own half.

Seventh minute - Brumbies try to break from their 22 and Hurricanes are offside.

Sixth minute - Brumbies win an attacking lineout, but Lonergan loses the ball forward and Love clears to the 10m.

Fifth minute - Lolesio is playing under advantage kicks behind the Hurricanes defence. Banks chases and gathers, but Williams brings them all back for the penalty.

Fourth minute - Brumbies kick for touch, but miss. Barrett finds Coles.

Third minute - From the scrum, the ball moves left, where Proctor proves a handful. Brumbies are over the breakdown and win a turnover.

Second minute - Love puts up a high kick and Lolesio loses the ball forward. Hurricanes scrum in midfield.

First minute - Barrett kicks off and the Brumbies knock on into themselves - offside. Barrett calls the kicking tee, but his penalty attempt drifts left.

First half

40th minute +1 - Brumbies win a lineout after the halftime siren and launch an attack, but they're held up in a tackle and can't free it.

Williams calls a turnover and halftime.

40th minute - Numia has his legs pumping into the 22, Savea and Laumape combine, but Rayasi runs behind his own teammates and they're called for obstruction.

39th minute - Campbell kicks high and Laumape chases strongly.

Hurricanes steal the ball and Proctor makes metres, before offloading.

37th minute - From 40m out, Barrett slots the penalty and Hurricanes have their first lead, Hurricanes 10-7

35th minute - Savea runs from a Hurricanes scrum and Barrett is driven back in a tackle. Williams is playing advantage and Savea points to the posts.

34th minute - Kirifi returns to the game, but Swain has failed his HIA and won't rejoin the Brumbies.

33rd minute - Hurricanes win the lineout and have the Brumbies defence stretched, but Rayasi is tackled and then tries to run again, and is penalised.

32nd minute - Now it's a penalty and Barrett eyes the posts from halfway. He kicks to the corner instead.

31st minute - Hurricanes scrum and they win a free kick, as Williams isn't happy with the Brumbies set. Savea calls for another scrum to soak up time, with Kirifi in the bin.

30th minute - Lonergan puts up a high kick, but Reimer is underneath and knocks on.

29th minute - Barrett kicks high and Savea is on top of the Brumbies catcher. Banks throws a long pass to Kata, but he's taken down quickly.

28th minute - Hurricanes earn a scrum penalty and Barrett clears towards halfway.

27th minute - Brumbies are menacing in the 22, but knock on in a tackle. Hurricanes defensive scrum.

26th minute - Barrett's goal-line dropout is fielded on the 10m mark. 

25th minute - Brumbies kick to the corner and win the lineout. Hurricanes hold up the maul, but the backs join in.

Valetini goes close, Lolesio is held up over the line.

24th minute - Hurricanes win a defensive penalty and Barrett clears. Replays show Kirifi hits Swain in the head with a shoulder tackle and the Hurricanes flanker is yellow-carded.

23rd minute - Lachlan Lonergan drives towards the posts, but Savea creates a turnover. Coles rumbles out of the 22, but Brumbies steal the ball back.

22nd minute - Valetini makes another damaging run to spark a Brumbies attack.

21st minute - Flanders rips the ball from Lonergan in a tackle on halfway, but the Hurricanes are penalised, when Kirifi takes a second movement in the tackle.

20th minute - Lonergan puts up a box kick, but Barrett returns with interest.

19th minute - Brumbies into the Hurricanes half, but a long pass put them on the back foot.

17th minute - Try to Coles

Hurricanes kick to the corner and win an attacking lineout. Coles rips the ball from the maul and canters five metres to score.

Barrett converts, 7-7

16th minute - After 16 phases, the Hurricanes are still trapped on halfway and Laumape kicks high, because nothing else is working. Williams is playing advantage and brings them back for a Hurricanes penalty.

15th minute - Brumbies defence is staunch and Hurricanes struggle to breach.

14th minute - Hurricanes trying to building from halfway, but making no headway.

12th minute - Try to Ryan Lonergan

Williams has the Hurricanes defence for offside again, but Lachlan Lonergan goes close and then brother Ryan finally crosses to open the scoring.

Lolesio converts, Brumbies 7-0

11th minute - Brumbies kick to the corner and win their lineout. Sio and Paletini charge towards the line.

10th minute - Brumbies applying the blowtorch inside the 22 and Williams has the Hurricanes for offside in front of the posts.

Ninth minute - Hurricanes struggling to clear their 22 from the scrum and Valetini steals the ball at the breakdown.

Eighth minute - Brumbies win a lineout on the Hurricanes 22, but they lose control of the ball when they try to launch off the maul.

Seventh minute - Lonergans combine in midfield and Williams catches the Hurricanes offside on halfway.

Sixth minute - Hurricanes kick to the corner again, but the Brumbies forwards steal Coles' throw and Lonergan clears his line.

Fifth minute - Hurricanes still on attack inside the 22 and Savea makes a damaging run towards the posts. Eventually, the Brumbies are penalised for offside.

Fourth minute - Blackwell wins the lineout, but Brumbies push the maul back, so the ball is released to the backs.

Third minute - From the scrum, Hurricanes break downfield, with Savea making ground down the right touchline. They earn a penalty inside the 22 and kick to the corner.

Second minute - Valetini charges over halfway for the Brumbies, but knocks on in the tackle. Hurricanes scrum in midfield.

First minute - Paul Williams will referee this contest, which begins with Brumbies kicking off deep.

Rayasi clears from his his own in-goal to touch on halfway.


Kia ora, good evening and wecome to Newshub's live coverage of the Super Rugby Trans-Tasman clash between the Hurricanes and Brumbies at Canberra's GIO Stadium.

After three rounds, Super Rugby Aotearoa's cellar dwellers sit in prime position to make the inaugural final of the NZ-Australia format.

To be sure, they've had a fairly soft draw and now face - on paper - the two strongest Aussie sides in the Brumbies and Reds over their closing two games.

Tonight, the Brumbies present a formidable gauge of their title aspirations, especially in notoriously bleak Canberra.

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The team from the Australian capital have only one bonus point from their three outings and have simply not found a way to win. They face a near full-strength Hurricanes line-up, missing only dynamic reserve hooker Asafo Aumua.

TAB odds: Hurricanes $1.42, Brumbies $2.70

Hurricanes: 1-Xavier Numia, 2-Dane Coles, 3-Tyrel Lomax, 4-James Blackwell, 5-Scott Scrafton, 6-Devan Flanders, 7-Du’Plessis Kirifi, 8-Ardie Savea, 9-Luke Campbell, 10-Ruben Love, 11-Salesi Rayasi, 12-Ngani Laumape, 13-Billy Proctor, 14-Julian Savea, 15-Jordie Barrett

Reserves: 16-Ricky Riccitelli, 17-Pouri Rakete-Stones, 18-Alex Fidow, 19-Isaia Walker-Leawere, 20-Brayden Iose, 21-Gareth Evans, 22-Cam Roigard, 23-Wes Goosen

Brumbies: 1-Scott Sio, 2-Lachlan Lonergan, 3-Allan Alaalatoa,4-Darcy Swain, 5-Nick Frost, 6-Rob Valetini, 7-Luke Reimer, 8-Henry Stowers, 9-Ryan Longergan, 10-Noah Lolesio, 11-Mack Hansen, 12-Bayley Kuenzle, 13-Len Ikitau, 14-Solomone Kata, 15-Tom Banks

Reserves: 16-Folau Fainga'a, 17-Harry Lloyd, 18-Sefo Kautai, 19-Tom Hopper, 20-Tom Cusack, 21-Nic White, 22-Irae Simone, 23-Tom Wright

"Out of our hands now": Robertson rues missed bonus point

You'd be hard pressed to tell Crusaders Scott Robertson was a coach whose undefeated side has just recorded a 29-21 win over Western Force in Christchurch.

Despite registering their fourth victory in as many Super Rugby Trans-Tasman contests, the Crusaders were cruelly denied a critical bonus point, courtesy of a try in the dying stages to Force substitute Jordan Olowofela.

Robertson realises just how costly that missed opportunity may be, as they try to separate themselves from the pack of four undefeated Kiwi teams, entering the final week of the competition.

"That could be the comp," Robertson says. "Pretty quickly, it can change. 

"A little bit out of our hands now. We'll be watching, just like everyone else."

Crusaders coach Scott Robertson
Crusaders coach Scott Robertson. Photo credit: Getty

The manner of that final try will also sting. After a sustained period of tryline pressure from the Crusaders, the Force nabbed a turnover and found acres of unprotected space with a deep kick for Olowofela to take advantage of.

"We were calling from the box, get back there, Joshy [McKay], or whoever it was," Robertson recalls. 

"Just get back there and cover the backfield. They just saw space and took it.

"We defended so doggedly for long periods of time, and then that quick turnover and bang, that was it.

"It was a great turnover and obviously they stayed in the fight, but we could've been better with our game management."

A bonus-point win for the Hurricanes over the Brumbies in Canberra on Saturday night would lift them atop the table to join the Blues in pole position for the final.

The Blues were also unable to win a bonus point in their 31-24 win over the Reds in Brisbane.

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